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The map above shows locations that sell stamps on our behalf. Postboxes will open again in November 2017. A key for the icons shown is below.

Stamps & collections

Stamps Only

  • Arrowe News & Post Office,43 Fleetcroft Road, WOODCHURCH, CH49 5LZ
  • Arrowe Park Hospital,League of Friends Shop, ARROWE PARK, CH49 5PE
  • Birkenhead Central Library,Borough Road, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 2XB
  • Co-op General Store,125 Manor Drive, UPTON, CH49 4LP
  • Co-op General Store,194 Saughall Massie Rd, UPTON, CH49 4LD
  • Come Rain Or Shine Card & Gift Shop,11 Arrowe Park Rd, UPTON, CH49 0UB
  • Haven Chemist,The Devaney Medical Centre, OXTON, CH43 5RE
  • Lifestyle Express,209/13, Church Road, TRANMERE, CH42 0LD
  • Liverpool FC Offices - Staff only,9th Floor, 20 Chapel Street, Liverpool, L3 9AG
  • Londis General Store,115 Mount Road, HIGHER TRANMERE, CH42 6RE
  • Miriam Pharmacy,31 Laird Street, CLAUGHTON, CH41 0TQ
  • Overchurch Junior School,Moreton Rd, UPTON, CH49 4NS
  • Photo Corner Ltd,612 Old Chester Road, CH42 4NW
  • Prenton Branch Library,Dickens Ave, PRENTON, CH43 0TQ
  • Prenton Fish,Birkenhead Market, CH41 2XZ
  • Prenton Pop In,103 Greenway Road,TRANMERE, CH42 0NE
  • Rock Ferry Library,259 Old Chester Road, ROCK FERRY, CH42 3TD
  • Rowlands Pharmacy,2 Upton Road,CLAUGHTON, CH41 0DF
  • Rowlands Pharmacy,62 Greenway Road, TRANMERE, CH42 7LD
  • Sainsbury`s,UPTON, CH49 5LA
  • Shopmobility,5 St John St, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 6HY
  • St Catherine`s Pharmacy,St Catherine`s Hospital, Church Road, TRANMERE, CH42 0LQ
  • St James Library,344 Laird Street, CLAUGHTON, CH41 7AL
  • Tesco Supermarket,BIDSTON, CH43 7AA
  • The Village News,138 Ford Rd, UPTON, CH49 0TQ
  • Townfield Pharmacy,Townfield Health Centre, Townfield Close, NOCTORUM, CH43 9JW
  • Upton Library,Ford Rd, UPTON, CH49 0TB
  • Village Greens,2 Rosemount, OXTON , CH43 5SN
  • Vittoria Pharmacy,144 St Anne Street, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 3SJ
  • Wirral Scout & Guide Shop,15 Balls Road,OXTON, CH43 5RE
  • Wirral Uniform Centre,2a Princes Pavement, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 2XY
  • Woodchurch Post Office,106 Hoole Road, WOODCHURCH, CH49 8EG

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