Nominate A Charity

The Wirral Charity post has been raising funds for local Wirral Charities since 1982 and has already donated over £3.2 million to local Scout and Guide groups as well as other Wirral Charities.

If you are a member of a local charity and would like to apply to receive some of our donations, please complete the form below. We are now accepting nominations for the 2020 Wirral Charity Post.

Download the Charity Nomination Form

Who Can apply?

Normally, Registered Charities but under special circumstances other benevolent groups.

Who can benefit?

Charities who raise funds for the benefit of anybody in the community within the boundaries of those areas of Wirral and South Wirral included in the Scheme.

PLEASE NOTE that all donations will be “Ring-fenced” so that the money must either be spent on the Wirral, or for the benefit of current Wirral citizens.

We do not support-

Services which are the responsibility of the Statutory Bodies to fund.

Educational establishments providing full-time education or bodies such as P.T.A.’s or similar groups.

Animal Charities except for those providing specially trained animals eg. Dogs for the deaf, or for boarding accommodation when the owner is in respite care.

Scout & Guide related Charities. We may consider an enabling grant to assist Scout & Guide groups to help others outside the movements.

We do not make donations to:-

The same Charity in consecutive years.