Post Christmas Cards

How it works

Using the Wirral Charity Post couldn't be easier, just follow these easy steps:

1. Count your cards

Work out how many of your friends and family live on the Wirral and check they live within our delivery area, you can find out where we deliver by clicking here

2. Buy Wirral Post Stamps

Buy your Charity Post Stamps from one of our shops across the Wirral. Remember they only cost 35p, and you will need one stamp for every card you want to send. All profits are used to support Scouting and Guiding on the Wirral and each year we also pass on a substantial proportion of the profits to other Wirral based Charities.We are very proud of the fact that, from small beginnings in 1982, by 2018 we have donated over £600,000 to over 200 different Wirral Charities! 
You can find out where your nearest Selling Point/Postbox is using the search box above.

3. Write and address your cards using a full address and postcode

Once you have bought your stamps, check you're only sending Christmas Cards (we're not allowed to deliver non-Christmas mail) and stick a stamp to each card you want to send.

Please make sure you have written clearly and discernibly (please – no gold ink on gold envelopes, silver ink on silver envelopes etc.!!!) and that you write the full address of the person you are sending the card to, including their postcode.

4. Post your cards in our special post boxes

Post your cards in one of our special post boxes, usually found in the same shops that sell our stamps. Please Do Not Post cards with our stamps in Royal Mail Post Boxes as the Royal Mail will charge the recipients to collect them from a Collection Point.

Sit back and let the Scouts and Guides do the rest!

Who benefits from the money we raise?

About 75-80% of all money raised goes to Wirral Scouts and Guides, the rest is donated to our nominated charities, you can find out which Wirral Charities we are supporting this year by clicking here