What is the Wirral Scout & Guide Christmas Post?

Over £600,000 donated to other
local charities since 1982

Send Christmas Cards and Raise money for Wirral Charities

The Wirral Scout & Guide Charity Post is a Christmas card delivery service that runs every year across the Wirral Penninsula

Each year our volunteers, primarily Scouts & Guides, sell special charity stamps to members of the public to raise valuable funds for local Wirral Charities.

Then on the last two weekends before Christmas those same volunteers head out to deliver your Christmas cards in time for Christmas

So how does it work?

To help us complete the mammoth task of delivering thousands of cards each year we split ourselves into 5 areas that match the 5 Scout Districts across the Wirral. These are the 4 Wirral Districts within the Merseyside Scout County (Bebington, Birkenhead,Wallasey and West Wirral) and the Neston part of the ‘Ellesmere Port & Neston’ District within the Scout County of Cheshire.

Each of these Areas has a Main Sorting Office which is responsible for collecting the Cards from the Special ‘Charity Post Boxes’ in their area,  sorting it firstly into the 5 Areas and then sorting their own Area’s mail into the zones designated for each of their participating Scout/Guide Units.

Mail for the other Sorting Offices is exchanged daily between the 5 Offices. The Groups/Units then take their Post back to their own HQ for sorting into streets/delivery ‘walks’.

How do we raise funds for Charity?

Money is raised via the sale of the special charity stamps.  Each participating Scout/Guide Unit recruits and looks after outlets (usually shops) in their area who kindly volunteer to sell the stamps (taking no profit for themselves) and also hosting one of the special Post Boxes.

Christmas Cards delivered in time for Christmas

Cards are normally delivered on the two weekends prior to Christmas (during daylight hours) and although our young members take part, adults are involved at all stages of the process.

How do you choose which charities to support?

Administration of the Scheme is carried out by a Coordinating Committee with representatives of each of the Areas and, in particular, they are responsible for selecting the Charities to be supported in a given year and deciding the amount of money allocated to each charity.

Our Postboxes have now closed for 2017

Our postboxes officially closed at midday, 13th December. Deliveries should be made this coming weekend, 16th-17th December 2017. As we rely on the time and good will of our volunteers some cards may be delivered any time up until Christmas Eve.

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