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Update – November 2020

Dear Leaders, Parents and Supporters

‘Christmas Post’ 2020

Since my letter to you of July, our technical colleagues have been working hard to develop an e-Card system to replace our normal deliveries this year and the Committee recently made several decisions which can be summarised as:-
• A viable e-Card plug-in for our new Website has been purchased, installed, and tested.
• Although we originally planned to make a small charge for this service, exhaustive testing has revealed the payment system to be insufficiently reliable.
• Thus, the Committee has decided to proceed with a free e-Card system. Of course, these cards can be sent to anyone for whom you have an E-Mail address, not just confined to the Wirral!
• Whilst this is mainly for PR purposes (to keep us in the public eye this year with a hope for a return to normality next year) we will also be offering an optional donation facility.
• This moves us into uncharted territory and we have no idea how much (or how little) any income might be. However, effective publicity will be essential.
• To this end, our Marketing sub-Committee has designed a Poster, incorporating a QR code, for display as widely as possible.
We now need YOUR HELP. Specifically:-
• Groups will be provided with a number of A4 Posters for display in Shops and Public places, as widely as possible. (These will be delivered to Group Organisers as soon as available; we expect this to be within the next week or two)
• A representative of the Group should certainly visit all the shops which would normally be acting as our ‘post offices’ to explain the situation and simply ask that this year they display a Poster in their shop window.
• Additionally, we ask that you visit as many other shops as possible in your locality to ask if they also would display a poster for us.
• Think also of other public places where you may be able to display posters (with permission, of course) such as Church Notice Boards etc.
Our new Website will also be launched shortly; (we will let you know precisely when the e-Card system goes ‘live’). We are also using social media and other avenues to get our message across. Any income we generate will be distributed to participating Groups and the Committee will decide how this is done once we know how much we have got.
Finally, please feel free to circulate this letter to parents, supporters etc and encourage their support.

Yours Sincerely
Richard Twemlow MBE