Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your stamps cost?

Wirral Charity Stamps cost only 30p or £1.50 for a strip of five, for your nearest shop please click here.

When do scout stamps go on sale?

Stamp go on sale on the 17th November 2018.

Why do Collections finish so early?

Our special Post-boxes are only available until midday on Wednesday 12th December in 2018 because:-

We mainly deliver at weekends and our final delivery will be over the weekend of 15th/16th December (although, occasionally, bad weather, volunteer illness etc. may cause delays into the following week). We need to finish on the prior Wednesday in order to ensure enough time for the mail to be sorted and filtered down to the Scout & Guide Units covering your area and, in turn, to those responsible for delivering your street.

We start withdrawing boxes from the Shops at midday because some Shops are closed on Wednesday afternoons. Clearly, it takes a little while for our volunteer collectors to get to all outlets so some boxes may still be in Shops after midday but we cannot guarantee this and therefore publish the latest time that we can be sure the boxes will be available. (Note that some collections points, for instance Libraries, may be closed altogether on Wednesdays in which case the boxes will be withdrawn at close the previous day.)

When will my cards be delivered?

We deliver cards over the two weekend preceding Christmas each year, this will be the weekends of the 8th/9th and 15th/16th December 2018.

I have received an incorrect delivery what should I do?

We process over 450,000 Christmas Cards each year and as our delivery service is carried out by volunteers mistakes can sometimes be made. We can only appologise if you receive an incorrect delivery and ask that you forward the card on to the correct recipient, either by posting yourself if it is the same road or by using Royal Mail. If you have any queries or would like to get in touch with us about a delivery please click here.

I have not received a delivery/The cards I sent have not arrived

Although we ask our volunteers to deliver over the 2 weekends preceding Christmas, some deliveries may arrive on any day up until Christmas Day. If you have any queries please complete our contact form

Why do you only deliver at weekends?

Although all sorting of the mail is carried out by volunteer adults (Leaders, parents etc.) the deliveries usually involve young people. We therefore believe it is sensible to restrict deliveries to daylight hours and since the younger deliverers will be at school during the week, this effectively restricts deliveries to being usually at weekends.

Can I send letters, calendars etc. via the Scheme?

NO! The special dispensation is for Registered Charities to make a charge for delivering Christmas Cards only during the month of December.

Can I post Cards bearing your special stamps in Royal Mail Boxes?

NO! If you do, it will be treated by the Post Office in the same way as any mail not bearing a Royal Mail stamp, i.e. the postman will put a card through the intended recipient’s letterbox advising that they are holding an item at the Post Office which can be collected (or delivered) on payment of a fee, currently £1.54.

Why do I need to include the Postcode in the address?

You may be surprised at the number of Cards we process where the sender does not actually know their friend’s proper address or where the handwriting is difficult to read! In these cases, a legible Postcode can be very helpful as it tells us which Street we should be delivering to.

I have some stamps left over from last year – can I still use them?


Do I have to buy a strip of 5 stamps or can I buy single stamps?

In general we prefer to sell in strips of 5 as this is how our sheets are perforated, however you can buy singles if you wish. If you need to buy singles we advise taking the cards with you so that you can stick the stamps straight onto the envelopes and that way the seller will not need to cut the strips. Of course if you buy more than you need you can always use the left over stamps next year!

We are a Wirral Charity, how do we apply to receive funds?

You can apply by completing our Nomination Form, please click here for information

I send a large amount of cards each year, do I have to buy stamps and post in your postboxes?

In general our answer is yes, if you're sending very large volumes, we may be able to collect these from you for distribution. However we would remind all customers that we only have a licence to deliver Christmas Cards, and only to addresses on the Wirral.

Why have you stopped selling stamps at ASDA in Woodchurch?

Unfortunately we have been informed by ASDA in Woodchurch that due to company policy we are no longer allowed to sell our charity stamps in their store. We are very disappointed in this decision but would ask customers to please find an alternative location to buy their stamps by clicking here.
The nearest alternative Supermarket that sells our stamps is Sainsbury's in Upton. Alternatively we also sell at Arrowe Park Hospital and Prenton Library nearby.

How can I give you feedback?

If you'd like to complete our customer survey and help us make the post even better next year, please click here

I have missed the last collection – what shall I do?

Unfortunately, after the 12th December, we’re afraid we cannot help you. If you decide to use the Royal Mail, please ensure you have affixed a Royal Mail stamp (it may be advisable to also remove our stamp) before posting.

Have you got a list of all of this years dates?

Yes! You can view it here