2019 Supported Charities

Principal Charities

75-80% of all money raised is donated to Wirral Scout and Guide Groups providing #SkillsForLife for over 2000 young people across the Wirral.

Nominated Charities for 2019

We make it a requirement that, as the stamp money is given by Wirral citizens, all donations given to the Charities are to be spent on the Wirral, or on behalf of Wirral Citizens. The following list are our nominated charities for the 2019 scheme.

All About Women

This charity gives advice and support to women who experience mental ill-health and associated difficulties to help them move on in their lives.

Calday Grange Swimming Pool Trust

The maintenance of Calday Grange Swimming Pool for community use.

Christopher Salmon Foundation

This Charity raises funds into streptococcal research.

Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes

Transport Blood, Tissue Samples, Breast Milk &Organs to NHS Departments and Laboratories on the Wirral; their volunteers mostly using their own motorcycles.and fuel.

Mersey Tramways Preservation Society

The preservation of Merseyside & the North Wests Tramway heritage.

Parkinson Society UK - Wirral Branch

Help people (and their families) with Parkinson's and help relieve their stress and suffering.

Pensby Over 60 Club

For a day-out for those over 60, some having mobility problems or are partially sighted.

Radio Clatterbridge

Provide information, education & entertainment to the patients and staff at Clatterbridge Hospital by way of radio.

UK North Blind Sailing

Provides regular sailing opportunities and skill courses to the adult blind and visually impaired residents of Wirral and Merseyside throughout the Spring and Summer.

Wallasey G.H. Peers Club

Aim of the Club is to provide facilities for leisure time activities for Wallasey and neighbourhood.

Wirral Fund for Children With Special Needs

Provides specialist equipment (that is not provided by Social Services or the NHS) to children with special needs

Wirral Heartbeat.

Provides Gymnasiums and Gym Equipment for Heart Patients to continue their cardiac rehabilitation.